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Our commitment is to provide the customer with quality service as quickly as possible at a reasonable cost. Our technicians are trained at all levels holding licenses in the following fields:
Universal Refrigeration

Universal Refrigeration

Natural & Propane gas

Natural & Propane gas

Universal Refrigeration
natural gas installer

Preventive Maintenance on all types of equipment

PM contracts are custom tailored to each account and may be inclusive of all parts and labor. Proper preventive maintenance greatly extends the life of the equipment. Just like changing the oil and routine maintenance on a vehicle, your buildings mechanical systems requires routine service and maintenance to keep it running in top efficient order

We use only high quality pleated air filters for best dust and pollen removal. ​Our filter stock includes 1” and 2” filters.

We service all types of systems and brands no matter how complex.

HVAC Help Tips

Before placing a service call check these quick tips:

Heating Installer


Is the thermostat set correctly?
Thermostat set for heat or auto function?
Is the circuit breaker turned on?
Does the boiler need to be reset?

cooling systems


Thermostat set for cooling or auto function?
Is the circuit breaker on?
Clean filters?
Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality concerns have become one of the fastest growing concerns in the HVAC industry. With tighter buildings and lack of outside air some buildings have become a source for high levels of pollutants.

The health risk associated with “Sick Buildings” has caused some building owners to shut down or demolish their buildings.

The HVAC system plays a key role in maintaining proper indoor air quality. Have your system serviced regularly to help promote a healthy work environment. The Environmental Protection Agency has an excellent web site devoted to this subject.

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